Japan Market Entry

The world’s second-largest consumer market is changing as Japanese consumers increasingly resemble their Western peers. For foreign companies that have perceived commercialization in Japan as different and difficult, this may be welcome news. At the same time, a large untapped sales potential is hidden away in where local connections and experience have a say. Our in-depth knowledge of the local market and experience successfully assisting multiple mid-large cap foreign companies plan commercialization in Japan is a key strength of our services.

Commercial Due Diligence

Shirokane Consulting helps clients build confidence and execute their investment thesis. We work with clients to test the investment theses by concentrating on key issues determining a deal's ultimate success. We combine fieldwork interviews with financial analyses to build an understanding of an investment's true cash flow potential. Our integrated view helps build a realistic P&L. Shirokane Consulting will provide you the fact-based rigorous assessment that helps you ward off deal fever, spot synergies the market didn't see, and prepare for integration before the deal is linked.

Forecasting and Modeling

Leveraging data as a strategic asset helps businesses make better decisions, forecast outcomes, and build a smarter enterprise. Shirokane Consulting provides organizations with effective ways to analyze and model business events using internal and external data. With the right analysis, unseen opportunities and problems become more evident. We solve business problems with reliable modeling firmly grounded in industry.

Commercial Strategy

Every company has a specific formula for achieving their goals. Whether it be creating a new go-to-market-model, customer segmentation and targeting, or measuring sales and marketing effectiveness, Shirokane Consulting can assist every step of the way. Our local knowledge of Japan-market best practices, creates a practical implementation plan from rigorous data-driven analysis.


When it comes to entering a new market, several options for commercialization exist. Out-licensing, or forming a joint venture may be sensible. Shirokane Consulting’s local knowledge and connections enable screenings, and creations of long and short lists of potential partnerships.

Sales & Marketing

Shirokane Consulting helps companies optimize their sales and marketing strategy to drive profitable growth. We do this by drawing together insights from customers, products, business environments, and internal organization. We model economic implications with a holistic approach. From there, we work with management to embed change in the organization’s practices and processes. Shirokane Consulting is committed to building a strategy customized to the individual products, programs, and customer segments.