Consumer Products

Consumer products encompass a wide range of product categories such as food & beverage, toiletries, cosmetics, and more. Therefore, within the industry, variations exist. Furthermore, strategic and marketing can be decisions difficult due to issues such as unpredictable consumer sentiment, competition, and volatile commodities prices. Shirokane Consulting combines industry knowledge and fact-based analyses to understand the problem, and develop practical solutions for your company’s needs.


Industrial products are essential for global trade and everyday lives of consumers. From procurement of raw materials, manufacturing processing, to the sales of an aircraft, Shirokane Consulting works with companies to provide practical solutions and perspectives to realize real results.

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals industry has shifted its focus to a more value-based health care environment. With a pressure from payers to keep healthcare costs low, the industry is going through a new stage. At the same time, convergence of technology like AI based drug screening systems have not only blurred the lines between industries, but created new opportunities. Shirokane Consulting works with companies to provide a variety of strategies including market entry, operation optimization, and innovative products & services launch strategies.


With appearance of digital platforms, many companies have been placed in a difficult situation to seek ways to catch attention from the digital consumer. As Millennials show increasingly different consumption behaviors than the previous generations, companies are posed with the task to appealing through multiple media channels for engagement. Shirokane Consulting helps clients take on the challenges put forth in the media secotr.

Private Equity

Shirokane Consulting provides practical analyses necessary business due diligence, deals generation, and portfolio value creation. We work to reduce risk and provide impact with insights to increase your confidence and returns. Our valuations and modeling capabilities, as well as the deep ties in the Japanese market is a value to all investments.


Retail industry has experienced sharp changes with increasing penetration of e-commerce and rapid shifts in consumer trends. Shirokane Consulting works with companies to objectively assess their brands and value propositions, and to prioritize their strategies.


Technology is one of the industries that span across industries. Disruptions stems from the rapid and growing changes technology brings forth. From connected devices such as cellphones, cars, and even houses, Shirokane Consulting is able to offer a wide range of services across the value chain, fit for each customers’ needs.

Travel & Transport

The travel & transportation industry is undergoing significant changes. Technological breakthroughs in battery power and fuel cells, deregulation of travel, choosy customer behaviors, commodity prices, and even e-commerce has a say in the industry. Companies are challenged to capitalize on these opportunities more than ever. Shirokane Consulting assists companies to navigate the industry to balance innovations with risk to build a better industry.